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MRI Center Idaho:

Mike Cacchillo, MRI Mobile's Director of Business Development, had this to say, "We've enjoyed working with you and your entire staff. You have a very professional organization that is customer oriented and has been highly responsive to our requests. I'm sure that you'll be hearing from us again in the future as we continue to expand our mobile service area and offerings.

MRI Center of Idaho / MRI Mobile
949 N. Curtis Road
Boise, ID 83706

PET Imaging Centers, LLC:

"This is our first experience with Medical Coaches. When we visited them, we were treated with respect and dignity. Their pricing is quite fair and the service capability impressed us. When calls are made to Medical Coaches, we speak to people who can make decision on the spot and solve any problems that may occur. The staff is very professional and courteous - we're glad we chose them."

Robert S. Goodman
PET Imaging Centers, LLC 23 Kilmer Drive at Route 9
Building One, Suite E
Morganville, New Jersey 07751

Medical Coaches is more than a vendor, they're a partner that understands our industry as well as our philosophy. They team up with Shared PET Imaging and solve problems unique to the mobile world. The combined synergy of Medical Coaches and Shared PET Imaging has allowed us to continue our improvement of the coach layout and thus continually improve our patient care. Medical Coaches highest level of integrity and reliability makes them a pleasure to work with.

Charles H. Kiko, COO, CFO for Shared PET Imaging

"Medical Coaches has always been that rare company in their industry in that they constantly exceed expectations in building a quality product and listening to their customers. Medical Coaches has met with our company on numerous occasions to listen to our needs and modify our fleet specifications. Therefore it was no surprise when we requested their assistance Medical Coaches became very involved in our chiller problem. They not only provided a solution but helped us in our discussions with the equipment manufacturer. This process aided us in eliminating our problem. We have enjoyed excellent uptime with our Medical Coaches and are very proud to say our coaches look and function as well today as the day they left the factory. Medical Coaches earns and deserves their reputation as the premier builder of specialty coaches. Thank you." …

Randy W Skiles, President, C.E.O of Shared PET Imaging

Medical Coaches takes the familiar term of "team concept" and incorporates that to include not only the management of Medical Coaches and the production personnel but also their customers. Recommendations and ideas are developed not only in the engineering department of Medical Coaches, but also from their clients, such as ourselves, that utilize their mobile medical coaches. The specialized mobile medical coaches supply vital diagnostic capabilities not only to the large metropolitan hospitals, but also to smaller facilities allowing each to provide these valuable services in the most cost efficient manner.

Craig M. Hamilton, Director of Safety & Engineering for Shared PET Imaging

Dear Chad

This testimonial letter is written to thank you and your organization for all the support you have given us through the years. You are a company that understands the need for excellence in a product that the end user (the hospital and patient) appreciates.

In the early years (1985) we purchased vans from a number of your competitors, only to find that the quality and workmanship of the product was totally lacking. The competitive trailers looked almost as good as yours, except they did not hold up to years on the road. We had numerous problems, including rusting, pitting, mechanical failures and an inordinate amount of downtime. We also learned that there was no direct service in the area's we were servicing.

The first unit we purchased from your company back in 1985 cured all of our problems. Your units operate flawlessly, and we never had to worry about losing revenue due to trailer downtime. We appreciate the fact that when a trailer is delivered to a geographical location, your company sets up immediate service people in the area to service the equipment.

Your engineering group has been very supportive in helping our customers prepare their sites for service. This is a great marketing support to our company, when we can represent to a customer that our trailer manufacturer will provide on-site inspections to insure safety and compliance with start-up.

We would also like to thank you for all the support your company has given us at industry trade shows and the fact that you have included us at minimal cost to our company. In some instances, especially with the introduction to new medical modalities, you have helped to put us on the map.

During the past 24 years in the business, we have never witnessed a company with such dedicated employees and their pride and self satisfaction in producing a great product.

There are many other areas that we can mention; however, we did not intend this letter to become a book. We can mention that even though we have always required competitive bidding when purchasing trailers, your company has not only met the challenge but in the end has delivered a superior product. We compare your product to the Maytag ads; we never have to hear from you.

In conclusion, we cherish doing business with an ISO 9000 approved manufacturer (no other trailer manufacturer is),and appreciate all your company has done to contribute to our success.

Sincerely, Joseph Fazio Jr, Director of Operations for Pet Scans of America

"The enthusiasm of the MRI team was invigorating and refreshing. It is nice to see a group of people who work closely to make their company successful."

Mobile Technology Inc., Los Angeles Calif.

"We found the construction to be outstanding and both units passed all tests with flying colors. Equally, if not more impressive than your technical expertise, was the Medicoach attitude of cooperation and friendliness. From Technicians through Shop Foreman, Quality Assurance Rep. Engineering, Sales and Top Management one got the message of the desire and ability to do a top-notch job"

General Dynamics Convair Division, San Diego California

"Certainly we could not ask for a vendor who has displayed a more positive attitude and cooperative approach…."

Harris Corporation, Government Communications Systems Division, Melbourne, Fla.

Fixed Site Installations

"The work they (installation team employees at Medical Coaches who set up fixed MRI sites at hospitals and medial centers) performed was not only completed in a vey timely manner but was the most impressive MR mechanical installation I have witnessed to date."

Siemens Medical Systems, Inc. Pittsburgh Pa

"All the staff of Midwest Stone Management have enjoyed working with your staff and your product, service and attention are superior to the other trailer companies we have dealt with."

Midwest Stone Management, Minneapolis Minn

"You have fulfilled your promises of providing the support that we need to maintain and improve our s4rvices to patients. You build a great truck (and I'll be glad to spread the word…)!"

Piedmont Stone Center, Winston Salem, N.C.

"As with most installation, I fully expected to find some mistakes. I am pleased to say I was wrong. The site has been working flawlessly since September, and a lot of credit goes to the incredible 'zero mistake' installation they performed. "

Siemens Medical Systems, Inc., Harahan, La.

"I wanted to drop you a line and tell you that you built another great coach in the Medicoach style of excellence."

Sun Medical Technologies, Campbell, California.